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My Book

I have been a Professional Options trader for twenty years, half of it as a Market Maker in Equity Options, the other half as a Proprietary Options trader in the Energy Markets. 


It is the combination of these two worlds which has matured me in understanding how option trading really works. It culminated in the realisation of my book on option trading: “How to Calculate Options Prices and Their Greeks”, published by Wiley & Sons, April 2015.


History keeps learning us that large losses coming forth from option trading are either the result of misinterpretation of the greeks or, even worse, not understanding them at all. Also, representations of option payoffs are too often based on a simple two-dimensional approach consisting of P&L versus underlying at expiry. This is misleading, as the Greeks can make or break a strategy.

Options Courses, Masterclasses

My options courses (Basic & Advanced) are in-depth courses to a thorough and more effective understanding of options, their Greeks, and options strategies.


In these courses you’ll build a solid understanding of options, their Greeks and hedging strategies as you explore the concepts of probability, volatility, and put call parity, then move into more advanced topics in combination with a four-dimensional approach of the change of the P&L of an option portfolio in relation to strike, underlying, volatility, and time to maturity.










Deze cursussen worden ook in het Nederlands gegeven.



Sparring Sessions

You are an experienced (options) trader (or group of traders), Risk Manager or Specialist, however you have issues dealing with certain market circumstances and/ or specific difficult options matters. We will sit together, discuss and philosophise on these burning issues.


These kind of sessions are all tailormade and will be fully focussed on the customer's needs and preferences.


Examples are:

Best hedging strategy when gamma long and gamma short. How can you fully monetise on the gamma position? Why is gamma hedging  tough?

Trading kurtosis; e.g. a uniform distribution means options are too expensive, how to apply right options strategies at different distributions?

And much more.


Eveneens in het Nederlands

Author of How to Calculate Options Prices and Their Greeks, Wiley & Sons

Ranked # No 4 in the Options Literature !(

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